William C. C. Chen Tai Chi Chuan

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  William C. C. Chen              Robert W. Smith      
        photo taken July, 1999,  NYC

     Robert W. Smith, world renown martial arts historian and teacher was the first Western student of Professor Cheng Man-Ch'ing. They co-authored the book "Tai Chi". Mr. Smith has also written fourteen other books on Chinese martial arts including the first books in English on Pa-Kua Chuan and Hsing-I Chuan. He taught Tai Chi, Pa-Kua Chang and Hsing-I Chuan in Bethesda, Maryland from the early sixties to 1988. From one of his very first books Chinese Boxing, Masters & Methods to his latest book "Martial Musings", a memoir of his life and friendships in over 50 years of martial arts, Mr. Smith continues to inform and fascinate us with his writing. 

A short biography on Robert W. Smith can be found at: http://ejmas.com/jcs/jcssmith_bibliog.htm

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