Maximillion CJ Chen


Winner in the 9th World Wushu Championships Sanshou-Men's 70kg Category! 11/19/2007


            "USAWKF 2000 Sanshou Athlete of the Year"             "Max with father, William C.C. Chen"                       



                    "Max: The MAN!"                                      "Max with father, William C.C. Chen"




Max's 1st San Shou Fight

June 24th 1995
Murray Bergtraum H.S. Gym - Chinatown, New York


Max and father in Holland (1996)



"Max Chen 2004 Florida

San-Shou Championship Belt"

2004 International Chinese Martial Arts Championship
  The Gaylord Palms Hotel & Resort -  Orlando,  FL
July 2-3-4   AAU Sanctioned Event

Max Chen, Men's Super Fight Winner

October 8, 9, and 10, 2004 at Akron University's Memorial Hall

Max Chen at the 7th ChungHwa International Championship Taiwan December 2004


April  30th  2005
Battle of Brooklyn
Max C. J. Chen
Full Contact San Da -  Men's (166  Wt. Div)  
Max competed in a wt. class above his own


Max Chen's crowd pleasing scissor leg take down & ring control of Andras Gal in their San Da finale.

February 9, 2007

Max C.J. Chen winner of Mayhem on Mulberry 8
(men's 156 lbs.) Muy Thai
St. Patrick's Church (Mulberry & Prince Sts) NYC

YouTube video at:

April 27th 2007 -  7 pm

Max C. J. Chen
Winner of Friday Night Fights
Church Street Gym
Muay Thai Match  - Men's 156 Div.

YouTube video at:

Maximillion C.J. Chen
Three (2 Minute Rounds) Men's 70 kg.
Winner by K.O.


The USAWKF 2007 National Sanshou Team Trials
September 7th - 8th, in Lubbock, TX
organized by the United Martial Arts Training Center, Inc.

YouTube video at:



 May 17th 2008 -  7 pm

Max C. J. Chen
of Muay Thai Madness 3
Fight House
Pitbull Promotions
Men's 156 Div.


 The 11th World Wushu Championships
      October 6-15 in Ankara, Turkey
Max C.J. Chen
The USAWKF 2011 National San-Shou Team
Men's  70 Kg
Bronze Medal





Max CJ Chen Biography

Max Chen is one of the top full-contact Lei-Tai San Shou competitors in the country.   Since entering the full-contact arena in 1995, he has won 19 gold medals and 8 silver medals, and has been a 5 term member of the USAWKF U.S. San-Shou team.  He was selected for the US team in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

His most-recent championships:

Max began his martial arts training at age four with Sifu Howard Lee, who taught him Northern Praying Mantis and T'ai Chi Knife.   At the age of 11, he started the study of T'ai Chi Chuan under the guidance of his father, Grandmaster William C.C. Chen. In addition to his San Shou accomplishments, Max has won 12 gold medals, four silver medals, and three bronze medals in T'ui Shou (Push Hands) since 1995.

Max has been a teaching assistant at Grandmaster Chen's school in New York City since 1997. He teaches Tai Chi and San Shou at the school, and teaches San Shou training and conditioning classes/workshops in New York and Europe.

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